New projects coming up

2012-02-12 17:06:04 by Shadic15

Hi, Shadic15 here.

First you need to see this. It's the new, reloaded Sonic Oddshow. I hope you enjoy it.

See the new Sonic Oddshow

Also, I've got some new projects coming up. Of course Sonic sprite animations.

Sonic Vs Sega Rematch, another remake =P

Sonic Of The Dead - The Untold Story...

Sonic Oddshow 2, because the first already has so many views.

As far as I can tell, Sonic vs Sega is almost finished, but that's just because it's so short.
I'm just warming up for the big comeback of SOTD. Hope you stay tuned =)


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2012-03-27 22:27:02

Looking forward to everything you have coming up. ^^