So what's next...?

2012-05-23 17:48:40 by Shadic15

Hi, Shadic20 here (actually I'm 20).

So, my exams are approaching and once I got through that, I'm going to spend two or three weeks working on my sprite projects. In my last post, I was planning to work on Sonic of the Dead again. However, Sonic of the Dead 4 is going to a big movie and it will take a lot of time to get it done. So, if you're interested, just be patient.

As far as Sonic Oddshow is concerned, it got already over 9000 views, and for me that's a complete success (not to mention the award I got for it, even though it's just daily fourth). This is why, I'm sure to work on a sequel. For your consideration, I left a screenshot on this post and hope that it puts you into good humor. If you're not familiar with Sonic Oddshow, then I definitely recommend to watch the first installment.

Sonic Oddshow

[UPDATE January 2013] So a lot has happened... no Sonic Oddshow 2 yet, I know that much. But if everything goes well, I'll get a new computer in two week's time and then... yes, Sonic Oddshow 2 will probably come to be. I'll just have to accomplish the same thing as last year. There are good chances, we'll just have to see...

[UPDATE AUGUST 2013] Looking forward to releasing Sonic Oddshow by the end of this month, or even earlier. Stay tuned =)

So what's next...?


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2012-05-23 20:20:28

That's awesome! Hey, if you ever need a voice actor I'll be happy to help out. I have a demo reel here on NG so you can get a feel of what my voice is like.

Shadic15 responds:

Thanks, you're my hero, because I really need a voice actor right now. I'll contact you soon.


2012-05-24 12:28:30

That's a fantastic news, Shadic15! I hope that it'll be funnier than the last.

Shadic15 responds:

I can't please everyone, but I'll try to improve the quality.


2012-12-16 01:50:37

This Will Done?

Shadic15 responds:

February, if everything goes well.


2013-01-12 15:49:20

I really want a 2 one!!!\o/
Hope you´ll really make it!;)

Shadic15 responds:

There IS going to be a second one. I already made so much of it, so I will finish it. Question is .... when.