Hello, Shadic15 here.

It's been a long time since the last News Post and I was kind of neglecting my newgrounds account, but that will hopefully change now. For those who already know me from my youtube channel DoujinPixation, I will re-release all my previous videos, including all the major Oddshow videos. But not all at once, more like one per month. Time to release that Sonic Oddshow K, isn't it? ;)

So stay tuned for that, or just check out all my content on youtube. Anyhow, stay cool and I will see you very soon ;)



Sonic Oddshow K in production

2015-01-22 06:12:02 by Shadic15

2110903_142192506532_Bildschirmfoto2015-01-22um12.10.12.pngIn production :) Need I say more ;) Oh yes, maybe the release date :o 1st March 2015 :)

Here we go again !

2014-08-10 04:06:11 by Shadic15








Do I need to say more...?

(Coming soon)

So what's next...?

2012-05-23 17:48:40 by Shadic15

Hi, Shadic20 here (actually I'm 20).

So, my exams are approaching and once I got through that, I'm going to spend two or three weeks working on my sprite projects. In my last post, I was planning to work on Sonic of the Dead again. However, Sonic of the Dead 4 is going to a big movie and it will take a lot of time to get it done. So, if you're interested, just be patient.

As far as Sonic Oddshow is concerned, it got already over 9000 views, and for me that's a complete success (not to mention the award I got for it, even though it's just daily fourth). This is why, I'm sure to work on a sequel. For your consideration, I left a screenshot on this post and hope that it puts you into good humor. If you're not familiar with Sonic Oddshow, then I definitely recommend to watch the first installment.

Sonic Oddshow

[UPDATE January 2013] So a lot has happened... no Sonic Oddshow 2 yet, I know that much. But if everything goes well, I'll get a new computer in two week's time and then... yes, Sonic Oddshow 2 will probably come to be. I'll just have to accomplish the same thing as last year. There are good chances, we'll just have to see...

[UPDATE AUGUST 2013] Looking forward to releasing Sonic Oddshow by the end of this month, or even earlier. Stay tuned =)

So what's next...?

New projects coming up

2012-02-12 17:06:04 by Shadic15

Hi, Shadic15 here.

First you need to see this. It's the new, reloaded Sonic Oddshow. I hope you enjoy it.

See the new Sonic Oddshow

Also, I've got some new projects coming up. Of course Sonic sprite animations.

Sonic Vs Sega Rematch, another remake =P

Sonic Of The Dead - The Untold Story...

Sonic Oddshow 2, because the first already has so many views.

As far as I can tell, Sonic vs Sega is almost finished, but that's just because it's so short.
I'm just warming up for the big comeback of SOTD. Hope you stay tuned =)

Sonic Oddshow

2012-02-04 09:08:08 by Shadic15

Hi, Shadic15 here.

Looks like Sonic Oddshow has been chosen to be remade. And to be honest, it already is as my preview revealed last week. As for the release date, I'm going to submit it to newgrounds on the 12th of February, so next week.

PS : If you have that primitive feeling of calling me faggot or whatever for absolutely no reason at all, then please go ahead. It just demonstrates well how some people spend their time insulting other people they don't know, instead of doing something useful for time is precious nowadays, isn't it?

Sonic Oddshow